Truth Revealed: Why You Should Never Eat Pringles!

Pringles Not A Potato Chip?

Are potato chips your favourite?

Believe it or not, potatoes are definitely favourite vegetable of Americans and have been number one snack food for 50 years.

Every year Americans consume 110 pounds of potatoes per person, but Europeans beat them by consuming twice as many spuds as American potato lovers!

Well, if you are consuming Pringles potato chips then you should stop eating right away, and we have reasons to make you stop.

This delicious Pringles bursting with flavour that everyone loves to munch on is firstly a junk food and secondly, they are not potato chips. In fact, they are not made up of potato at all.

How Are Pringles Made?


Once Pringles argued to avoid taxes that there Pringles chips are so low in potato content that in fact, there is no potato content at all.

The process of making Pringles starts with rice, corn, wheat and potato flakes that are pressed into a shape that is a dough-like substance which is rolled into a thin sheet and machine cut them into thin chips.

The thin chip is then thrown into the conveyor belt, passing along boiling oil, blown dry and sprayed with powdered flavour and stacked in cans.

Is Pringles Bad For You?

Yes, we all know that different flavours of chips taste good, whether they are flavoured with sour cream, barbecue or dill pickle. Once we start the snack, we keep on munching. But do you know that Pringles is one of the top hazardous snack food you eat?

One of the chemicals found in Pringles is Acrylamide, which is neurotoxic chemical causing cancer. When food rich in carbohydrate are cooked at high temperature, Acrylamide is created. And there is no surprise that it can be commonly found in chips.

The federal limit is in 8 ounces of drinking water, 0.12 micrograms of acrylamide are found. The 2005 report “How Potato Chips Stack Up: Levels of Cancer-Causing Acrylamide in Popular Brands of Potato Chips” found that all potato chip products tested exceeded that legal limit of acrylamide by a minimum of 39 times and as much as 910 times!

Neurological damage in humans and several types of cancer in animal studies has been observed due to a high level of acrylamide. Pringles not only have acrylamide but also has heat induced toxins.

When food is cooked higher than 120-degree temperature, heat-induced toxins are generated. At least 52 of these compounds are potential carcinogens!

Pringles Nutrition Facts 

Pringles Tortillas Nacho Cheese

Are Baked Chips Good For You?

If you are health conscious, think again. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration data on acrylamide levels in foods, baked chips may contain three times more levels of acrylamide than regular chips. So next time you are buying some heat-induced toxins like chips, french fries, and other processed food, think again.

Try munching on some healthy foods instead, like almonds, apple, and other healthy alternatives.

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