4 Signs of Most Toxic People in Your Life

Most toxic people are championship-level complainers.

Have you ever encountered a toxic people? Do they feel like an impossible problem to solve or flee? If you have ever met with them, you will feel like they hijack your emotional life, compelling your mind to run like a bully/narcissist or a psychopath when they are around – or even in their absence.

If you have ever come across any toxic people in spite of warnings, you need to question yourself, why are you making that choice?

If a toxic people persuade you in a roller coaster ride of jealousy and shame, perhaps it is time to examine not only your relationship but also your self-image.

If they ever seek to control you, and play mind games, just divert from them now and in the future. Shifting your focus to positive attitude will allow you to master your mind, which is all that you can ever control- and the very thing that dangerous people seek to manipulate. Life happens in sequence.

Are You in The Toxic Relationship?

4 signs of a toxic relationship that tell you it’s just not right.

There are many factors to weigh when evaluating an intimate relationship and one, of course, is the quantity of effort each partner feels he or she put into it to keep it going. But there are many signs which can help you to know if you are tied up with a toxic people and are in the wrong relationship.

By the way, it is possible that some of these signs appeared in your past relationship and you are still holding on. If so, give yourself a break; you have a different point of view back then and no need to be regretful about your past or panicked about your current relationship.

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Reading the following point will help you to sharpen your radar. It will either help you to have a more honest conversation with your partner or a realization that it is time to shift gears and not be around toxic people anymore.

1. You don’t feel like you 

What you were proud of yourself in the past like who are you, what makes you unique – has faded or gone. It happens in a relationship, and it happens gradually.

Sometimes partners try to exert control over us and call their behaviour “love.” Over time, such actions strip away. Then one beautiful day we wake up and look in the mirror and don’t recognize ourselves.

This is a sign – a bad one. In reality, the loss of self may not be 100% other people fault. If it characterizes all of your relationships, the common denominator may be you. Losing oneself in the relationship is secure. It’s often a consequence of seeing love as requiring self-sacrifice, rather than good compromises and growing together.

Understanding the nature of love usually leads to thinking about your upbringing and what you have learned about the experience of love as a child. So be aware and work on finding yourself again.

2. You’re continuously trying to prove your worth

It is bad enough that you have to continually seek to prove your worth in the world. But if you have to do it in your relationships, something is wrong. Relationships are the one place where you don’t have to prove your worth.

How can you tell you are continually trying to prove your worth?
– Your ideas are shot down
– Your partner does not support your dreams
– You rarely get to talk about yourself
– Your partner may seem to listen to you bit doesn’t seem to hear you
– You feel invisible

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If it not your partner to make you feel valuable, but it is his or her job to make you feel like you are worth is recognized rather than ignored or even banished.

3. You feel like you’re witnessing a relationship instead of being in one

Many people let life happen to them instead of being engaging and living life to fullest – and making their dent in the universe.

The same can happen to relationships. You recognize the relationship, but you no longer engage in it. You realize that you are taken, not single. You know important dates and when to buy gifts. You know your routine for dinner. You know what your partner likes to hear. But all this is information, not presence. The relationships are not built in deep love but routines. It is a big sign.

4. You break up with you

At some point, you’ve ended the relationship that you had with yourself. You have given up or given in, and you may not even realize it. Maybe you have convinced yourself enough that what you have is what a relationship is supposed to look like.

Your life deserves people who are supporting, loving and caring. To be true, life is too short to live with toxic people around you, who do not bring your best self. I hope this article inspires you to live your best and use this article to immunize against toxic people.

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