This Dog Helps A Little Girl With Disabilities In A Way Nobody Else Could!


Meet Bella Burton. A sweet little girl with a rare genetic condition, she has been able to take her very first steps in nine years. And the reason she could finally move around on her own – George.

George, a 130-pound Great Dane, supports Bella every step of the way, being her leaning ‘crutch’ so the girl can finally get to places without crutches or wheelchairs.

Undergoing more than ten surgeries and endless physical therapy, doctors couldn’t help Bella as much as her dog could.

Bella, 11, from Woburn, Massachusetts, was born with a rare genetic condition, Morquio Syndrome. Affecting her bone growth and limiting her mobility, George really was a lifesaver for the girl.

The Great Dane is the same height as Bella, enabling her to lead a fully active life that she wasn’t able to participate in comfortably until George was adopted.

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