10 Beautiful Reasons We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Perfectly Timed Photo


Photography is all about passion and excitement. There are some photographers who click the shot in the right moment, and capture something cool in everyday life.

Life is Positive has chosen 10 perfectly timed photos that will keep your eyes wide open.

Tired Snoopysnoopy-sleeping-638x425

Let’s blow Trumpetblowing-trumpet-638x425

Playing is such a funman-and-the-sun-638x425

I want to play peek-a-boodog-in-front-of-lady-638x425

So the kick was realman-hit-by-a-ball-638x425

Pop goes the bubblebursting-a-bubble-638x425

Wave pool hour at beachwomen-sitting-at-beach-638x425

Picture perfect memoriesairplane-photography-638x425

Finally, I caught itMan-caught -a-fish-638x425

Can you pop this bubble, pleaseDog-with-a-bubble-638x425


Written by Life is Positive Editorial Team

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