Why Is Everyone Talking About Print Newspaper Sculptures?

Chie Hitotsuyama doesn’t just read the print newspaper; the talented Japanese artist uses it to create realistic animal sculptures that are literally mind blowing.


You’re probably thinking, how in the world does someone make THAT out of newspaper?!

“When a piece of paper is rolled up, it increases its strength, and by glueing together one by one and side by side I can carefully form contours and curves with each single string. These single strings, collected together, consequently become the surface of an object. And eventually, a shape or a form of an object appears.Newspapers come out everyday and at the same time, are thrown out everyday. This cycle repeats rebirth and death whilst carrying our memories. This, I felt, is so similar to humans who also repeat their own histories and experience the cycles of life and death.My animal sculptures, made from an accumulation of newspapers, might perhaps be portraying ourselves and our lives, on many levels.”













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