Artist Takes Everyday Objects And Makes Them Awesome Doodle Art


Vincent Bal is Belgian artist and filmmaker, who makes playful, fun doodle art out of shadows of everyday objects.

Vincent has always enjoyed his illustration skills, but last year he discovered a unique passion for a new skill of doodle art.

“While I was working on a new script last April, I noticed how my teacup made a nice shadow on a piece of paper, I drew some lines on it and suddenly the shadow was an elephant. I took a pic with my phone and posted it on Facebook. Before I knew it, this pic was shared and liked as never before. I was surprised how much people liked it. Since that day I’ve been posting a doodle a day. Sometimes with shadows, sometimes with objects, always with a silly punchline. It’s great. I love how quick it is. I have an idea, make it, and find an audience, all in less than half an hour. I love the freedom. There are no restrictions. I can just watch a shadow and see if I recognize a shape.”

We have collected some of his doodling for you to enjoy.

#1 My Eyesdoodle-art

#2. I said: HOW DO YOU LIKE THE HEADPHONES? doodle-art

#3. She looked nice, but she was a badminton girl. doodle-art

#4. Alternative Rocking Thingdoodle-art

#5. Diva Dog doodle-art

#6. Chief Flying Shuttle Birddoodle-art

#7. Character From Lord Of The Key Ring doodle-art-11

#8. Duck for the police doodle-art-10

#9. Leafosaurus doodle-art-9

#10. Pyramid Pen doodle-art

#11. My teeth are now 30% betterdoodle-art

#12. Birdy on shore leaf doodle-art

#13. The tears of a crowndoodle-art

#14. Descending stairway at the speed of light doodle-art

#15. I Am Pinocchiodoodle-art

#16. Classy Glassydoodle-art

#17. Vegetarian Wolf doodle-art

More info: Vincent Bal | Instagram | Facebook


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