This Selfie Toaster Will Make Your Breakfast Perfect!




This Ain’t No Photoshop Fiction!

There is lot of technology involved when you toast your selfie picture.

Galen Lively, president and founder of the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation, is offering and selling custom-built toasters that can brown the image or text (Keep Calm and Eat Toast, perhaps?) of your choosing onto bread.

Step 1. Start in Photoshop.

Making a Selfie Toaster-1

Step 2. Put the photo in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program.

CAD Program with Selfie

Step 3. This is the GoTorch plasma cutter preparing to make a plate.

CNC Machine with Plasma Cutter

Selfie toaster plate face being cut by the CNC plasma machine.
Plate Cut in Progress

Step 4. Next, Vermont Novelty polishes all the rough edges off the plate with a hand sander.

polishing plate

Step 5. Into the toaster selfie plate faces go.

plate into toaster

Step 6. And Finally The Toast!


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