Red String Tattoo: How Strong is the String Of Fate?

This red line tattoo is leading many people to get this tattooed

The idea of having a tattoo on one’s body is not an overnight trend. In fact, it’s origin dates back to thousands of years ago.

For instance, the Ainu women of ancient Japan were fond of having giant-sized tattoos on their lips as a mark of maturity. Also, sailors get different tattoos to signify their achievements.

One of the newest trends in the world of tattoos is the Red String Tattoo. It is however not a new practice as it dates back to a timeless Chinese legend of an old matchmaker who was believed to know the person that each of us is fated to be with.

It was believed that this matchmaker had a book (Book of Marriages) of all the soul mates who will eventually meet each other. He carries with him a bag containing invincible strings with which these soul mates are tied by fate together regardless of time, place or circumstances.

The legend also has it that this string on the finger may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

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Today, it is not uncommon to come across people with tattoos looking like a bow tie with tails similar to the picture of a shoelace. The red string of fate is a concept whereby two young minds who have found themselves in the overwhelming pool of affection take a step further in their fairy-tale of love by sealing their love with a red string tattoo.

These tattoos are usually sited around the fingers or ankles of these two lovebirds. There’s the saying that if you come across someone with a red string tattoo on their pinky finger, then you have only found one half of a pair-the other soulmate is definitely somewhere out there in the world with an identical mark.

Reasons abound for the increasing rate at which the red string tattoo is being embraced. First, it is simple and requires fewer piercings. All that is needed to be drawn on the finger is the bow and its tail.

Just as the legend has it-once a man inks the red string of fate on his thumb, luck connects him forever to his other half who has inked the string on her own pinky finger. Second, the red string of fate is not only applicable to two lovebirds immersed in the pool of affection, but it also stands as a symbol of friendship and familial bond. So, it just might not be out of place for two siblings who are departing for two different continents to get the magical tattoo.

Love, bond and the longing to never lose our loved ones remain the cores of the red string culture. Many times, destiny has pushed us into some decisions of the heart, and we find ourselves, helplessly loving the other sex but with no love in return.

We tend to lose our heads craving for love from the other side and waiting for our ‘soulmate’ who may never come. With love can come depression and nothing hurts more than being on a single train of love with our other half forever bidding farewell.

In the UK alone, 13 divorces are reportedly granted every single hour. This implies that a union or friendship that has been sealed with the red string of fate has now become fading pages of irretrievable memories. The red string tattoo that was once a symbol of love and fate now becomes a scar of hurt.

In all, we should never forget the true nature of fate. In the words of Henry Miller, “We create our destiny every day we live every day we love. So, look at your tattoo and smile.”

Don’t forget, the string on the finger may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

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