How To Get Rid Of Bad Energy In A House

Home is a dwelling where you live and make memories throughout your lifespan. But when a house is surrounded by negative energy, then your emotion and health have a tangible effect.


This negative energy cannot be seen with candid eyes, instead, you can feel the undesirable emotions.

This emotion is so powerful, that it can shatter your dreams, destroy your confidence and end your imaginations.

Bad energy can even destroy a relationship, and create a lot of disturbance and conflict in the family.

Living in such a situation can create more stress and anxiety, which can lead to health issues.

There will be always positive and negative energy in the world. The key is to find the positive energy and eliminate the negative energy, to lead a happier life.

To restore balance and prosperity in life and family, there are many ways to eliminate negative energy from the house.

Here we share our top five tips for getting rid of bad energy in a house.

1. Cleaning Your Space


When you have a cluttered space, desk or room, it attracts more negative energy.  You feel more depressed and stressed seeing the clutter and mess around you.

The opposite is a clutter-free zone, which sends positive vibes and makes you more motivated and positive towards life.

Make sure you are regularly cleaning and vacuuming each and every room in your house, including washroom and kitchen.

Keeping your things organized is a great way to get positive energy. By making your home dust and dirt free you can get rid of bad energy.

So, every time you are making an effort of cleaning your messy room, you are laying a welcome doormat for positive energy.

This is one of the reasons you should clean your room or workspace every time to make positivity flow.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture


Negative energy loves to cling to things, it is essential to move your furniture around, so negative energy can’t hang into it.

Try this once in a month or if you feel that it is not the right setup keep on moving it until you are satisfied and feel happy. Your happiness with feeling good emotion will state that negative energy is going away.

Do not clutter furniture, it is best to donate it to your local charity if you have no use for that item. Donating to charity will also make you feel good and happy.

 3. Sunlight and Fresh Air


Nature has great power to cleanse negative energy. By allowing fresh air and the sunshine to enter your home is just another way of welcoming positive energy and making negative energy vanish. So open your door and windows to bright sunlight and fresh air.

Bright sunlight is good for health too, as from the sun you get Vitamin D which is good for your health.

It has been seen that bright sunlight can also help you to decrease depression and anxiety.

Give your laundry or house plant a touch of sunlight too.

4. Clapping Loudly 


Loud clapping is a great cleansing method for your home, as it breaks the negative energy patterns.

A thunderstorm is a way that Mother Nature claps loudly.

Walk around your house with a crisp and light clapping mainly around the corner areas, shelves and under stairs to get rid of negative energy.

You can also use chimes, bells, and drums to break the negativity too.

5. Sea Salt


It is believed that the sea salt crystals have a built-in ability to absorb negative energy. It is safe and effective to remove negative energy.

You can put bowls of sea salts in corners of your room to absorb bad energy. The sea salt remedy is also a powerful spiritual remedy to drain out negativity.

For cleansing, yourself of negative vibes take a salt water bath. Take 1-2 tablespoon of sea salt in the tub and let it dissolve completely.

Relax your bath for 10-20 minutes. Adding herbs, such as lavender, tea tree or sandalwood can add a bonus to the cleansing.

Do you have any tips to share with us? Leave a comment below.

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