15 Facts You Might Not Know About ‘Gilmore Girls’

Gilmore Girls, which featured a youthful mother-daughter pair who lived in a residential area where everybody appeared to talk at an incredible rate, started airing on the WB in 2000.

Seven years of popular culture references and family dramatization later, it completed its keep running on The CW. Presently, Netflix is ready to about-face to Stars Hollow with four hours and a half Gilmore Girls motion pictures. The Gilmore Girls new season is back!

Here are 15 things you won’t think about the Gilmore Girl show.

#1. Show Inspiration amy-sherman-palladino-gilmore-girls

#2. Alexis Bledel Acting Careeralexis-bledel-gilmore-girls

#3. Alexix Bledel Not A Coffee Loveralexis-bledel-coffee

#4. Snookie Cast alex-borstein-gilmore-girls

#5. Fast Paced Dialoguesgilmore-girls

#6. Luke As A Woman gilmore-girls-luke

#7. Friday Night Dinnersgraham-gilmore-girls

#8. Spin-off Jessjess-gilmore-girls

#9. John Lennon Songjohn-lennon-songs

#10. The Premierkeiko-agena-gilmore-girls

#11. Audition Hourliza-weil-gilmore-girls

#12. 1000 Yellow Daisieslorelai-1000-yellow-daisies

#13. Gilmore Girls Song Writersam-phillips-gilmore-girls

#14. The Shootingstar-hollow-gilmore-girls

#15. Books To Read


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