10 Books or Movies To Help You Find Your Passion in Life


Benjamin Disraeli, a 19th century British Prime Minister, once said, “Man is only great when he acts from passion.”

It can be so frustrating when people advise you, “Just follow your passion!” Yeah, beyond any doubt, you’d love to—if just you recognized what your passion was.

You’re likely the sort of person who secures, with commitment and determination.  Regardless, before you can impact the chance to be definitely determined, you must understand what you’re beginning. Before you can take your energy, you need to discover it.

For today’s aspiring entrepreneurs, gauging roads of motivation to discover your oomph is likely the fastest course to amplify your chances of pushing an effective business.

Where to start? On the off chance that you’re feeling stuck, here are ten must-reads or watch that will help you to uncover and find your passion in life.

1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi


The documentary of The Japanese Sushi Master Jiro Ono, Jiro talks about how one should follow their passion of what they love to do every single day and never give up in life or complain. This documentary is a perfect watch as this present one man’s journey to excellence, not for recognition, but for his own happiness.

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2. The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau


For people longing for change that also have something meaningful to offer customers (and improve the world), this book will motivate you to do something about it finally. What a drive! This book is a collection of quick snippets of success stories of famous people and a “how-to” bible which show that anyone can start a business with just $100. This book is a great example that primarily focuses on moving past barriers that we and another place in front of our desire.

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3. Into The Wild


There comes a time when the notion of living alone in a tiny cabin beside a pond, planting some beans seems strangely seductive. If you ever wanted to escape from the humdrum of life, Into the Wild is the best movie you will come across to. Where Christopher McCandless leaves his successful career in search of much simpler life.

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4. Schindler’s List


Will leave you with an understanding of life and how to make your life worthwhile. This movie will take you to the course of history around second World War and Hitler’s racism, where Oskar Schindler risks his life to protect Jews, and provide employment to thousands of Jews in his factory.

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5. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell


This book is a great read if you want to understand the world around us. This book transforms the way we think, make choices in a blink of an eye- that aren’t simple as they seem. Why are some great decision maker and some are not, why someone follows their gut feeling and win and why others fail? How does our brain function in different environments- classroom, kitchen, office, bedroom? All those who have struggled with these choices to make in life, these books discuss those judgments.

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6. Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki


Reality Check is an excellent guide chocked so full of information that I think you probably need to read it twice to let the content truly sink in. his is the guide that every entrepreneur needs to have on their shelf to read and re-read again. In Reality Check, Kawasaki has compiled his best wit wisdom and contrarian opinion.  He shows the reader how to ignore fads and foolishness while sticking to commonsense His writing style is engaging and warm, inviting you to participate in his past experiences, learn from them and take the short-cuts that he’s provided.

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7. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand


This classic book was written in 1943. Fountainhead is a book about an architect who set out to be passionate about his work and his uprightness. It showcases how many people are willing to live a life of being second-handers. Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism is discovered, nor through boring dogma, but rather unfurls through in a page-turning story of love, passion, truth, relationships, and power.

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8. Fight Club


This movie is all about life lesson and is a must on your watching list. As the movie rolls, it teaches you that money is not everything, your job doesn’t define you and you are not fragile. This movie is close to genius as It’s as close to genius as you’ll get and one film you’ll talk about and think about for days.

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9. The Pursuit of Happyness


This movie is a great movie that depicts a love of a father for his son. There is a great lesson that is learned in this movie and it truly shares the struggles of everyday life. Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a loving father and failing businessman. Despite his huge financial crisis, he never gives up and struggles to provide a good fortune for his son.

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10. Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson


This is the autobiography of Richard Branson who shows how spectacular failures in business – at age 14 and 15 made him a successful entrepreneur that he is today. This book wisdom is all about taking a risk and trusting your instinct when making decisions. Even if you’re the only one saying “YES” while many are telling you “No!”

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