5 Rules of Effective Public Speaking



Are you looking to develop effective public speaking and presentation skills?

Might be that you have come across some great orators and public speakers such as Cicero and Barack Obama and you want to be able to speak as they do, motivate and inspire people like they do, move crowds and hold sway like they do.

It also might be that your line of work requires you to have effective public speaking and presentation skills.

The following are public speaking tips that you can use to become an effective public speaker. They are time-tested principles that have been used with success by different public speakers through the years.

Tips on Public Speaking

#1 Appear relaxed and confident

If you want to speak effectively and have people listen to you, you have to be as natural and relaxed as possible. You should not come across as forced or as trying too hard. This is a fundamental principle of public speaking. Even if you are not very confident and in control of yourself, appear so. Focus on communicating your message to the public instead of getting yourself bothered by how they will see it (and you.)

#2 Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Nobody is perfect. Even the greatest and most effective public speakers do not get it right 100% of the time. Be less focused on being perfect and more on communicating. The chances are that when you make mistakes, your audience will be willing to forgive you and overlook it as long as they get your message.

#3. Practice and rehearse

Practice, they say, makes perfect. If you want to become an effective public speaker, you have to practice and rehearse. It is said that before Cicero became the great orator that we all know and revered today, he had trouble with speaking. He thus decided to become a great speaker and worked on himself to become who we know him as today. Barack Obama, a former president of the United States and arguably one of the best orators of the 21st century also practiced. He didn’t just become who he was by “winging” things. So, to become a fantastic and acclaimed public speaker, you need to constantly practice and rehearse.

#4 Have your audience in mind

To be an effective public speaker, you need to make your message more about your audience and less about you. Seek to motivate and inspire them. Put the spotlight on them, seek to help them change things about themselves, their lives and such. Seek to benefit them through your speech.

#5 Plan ahead

To be an effective public speaker, you need to plan what it is you want to communicate ahead. Have a clear-cut outline for the message you want to pass across and stick to it. Every other thing you do should seek to bolster the points in your outline. Do not talk too much, or dwell too much on a point, as no matter what your intentions, too much-talking lead to your audience getting bored and losing interest in the message you are trying to pass across.


Effective public speaking is easy if you know how to go about it. With the above tips, you should be on your way to being a person people want to listen.

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