Dying Father Has Something He Needs His Girl To Know


Death is a hard thing to face. It’s human nature to be scared of it. It’s been the same throughout our history: every action we take is to keep ourselves alive. We spend a lot of our time thinking about death – where we might go, what might happen to us. It’s our terrifying eventuality.


Or sometimes we don’t even acknowledge death. All we can think about is today, tomorrow, next month, next year. Perhaps not even that far. Would we go as far as our death? Sometimes, we are not aware of what blessed lives we have.

This father is only 27 years old. Having stage 4 appendix cancer, he has come to accept something that most of us have yet to – death.

“I’m scared. I was, at first, when I got the phone call. I remember when I got the phone call… The phone started to play – the surgeon – and he tells me I have cancer… I mean, that was a hard phone call.”

With a hopeful outlook on life, he throws away his tragic history and he want to share his inspiration with the person that means more to him than anyone in the world – Austin, his baby girl.

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