How to Determine Critical Success Factors?


What are some critical success factors in both your career and your life? Here are some key cases of them that can help you achieve your career and life goals, among others.

In the present, your essential goal ought to be to inspire yourself to be a remarkable person who can accomplish greatness and make a difference in your life or something along those lines. It’s mainly in your own hands to attain this goal.

To understand your maximum potential, you should be able to focus on setting specific career goals that are realistic yet achievable.

Critical Sucess Factors

Free yourself from uncertainty and doubt – arrange your life so that there are less unexpected blows over time. Take control over your life and create your own future. Although nothing is guaranteed, you can significantly reduce your chances of risk by leaving little-to-nothing to chance.

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If some people gain high success faster than others, then they are immediately accused of having ‘good luck’ or being in a right circumstance, and their success is rarely attributed to hard work. When people make a mess of their lives due to their shortcomings, their behaviour, habits, and mistakes, they dismiss it as just being ‘bad luck.’


Life isn’t a game – but this is precisely the difference between winners and losers; optimists and pessimists; success and failures.

Winners don’t believe in luck – only you are responsible for your own life. There is always some independent, uncontrolled variable in the universe continually messing with you, but it’s still up to you to turn the situation around – or make it worse – depending on your reaction.

Failures believe in luck and chance to varying degrees, whether it controls a small portion of their lives or plays a significant role in it. Everything is either misfortune or a miracle, gain or loss all based on a coin’s toss. They rarely blame themselves for their errors and have a hard time adding themselves to the equation, instead, replacing their effort – or lack thereof – with a trivial thing like ‘luck.’

Lucky for Life

One reason people confuse the idea of progress that comes with failures and overnight success is that many of them don’t comprehend the distinct difference between chance and luck.

Chance refers to some form of gambling; some typical examples would be included in casinos blackjack, poker and slot machines. Chance is the likeliness or probability that something will happen, or that it won’t.


Therefore, the results are entirely out of your control and have nothing to do with success factors in your life – it’s either an advantage or a disadvantage.

Luck is not quite the same as chance – it’s more like the unknown power of a higher being playing into your hand. Out of all the odds, it picked YOU. It’s a rather optimistic spin on the idea of chance.

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Successful people have done many things that will improve the likelihood that their goals will be accomplished. Leave nothing to luck or chance.

When you usually look at the history of an incredible achiever and look at their backstory and the various tasks and ideas they implemented before, you’ll see that before the success factors, they had a simple manifest. Productive people often do numerous, easily overlooked details for an extended period, which ultimately made their big success possible to reach.

Success factors in life will follow you if you get a good education, thoughtfully match your career with your talents, abilities, and skills, and working to upgrade your skills in the value of your commitment to your organization or company.

Your accomplishment will be but inevitable – a product of neither luck nor chance, but through sheer hard work projected by yourself.

Continuously inventing and trying new methods to achieve your goals can help you solve fundamental problems and help you discover something new, plus, who knows? You might learn something new.

It’s better than being someone who plays it safe and always falls back into the same old routine with nothing to try to speed up their goals. They’re not hindered, per say, but you wouldn’t call their frustrations that fruitful after working for it for such a long time.

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