This Crayon Sculpture Artist Carves Crayons With Love


Hoang Tran is a crayon sculpture artist carves tip of the crayons into intricate wax sculptors. His sculptures include characters from televisions, comics, films such as Doctor Who, Star Wars, Yoda. Winne The Pooh.


On his interview with Lost at E Minor, he said his inspiration was Diem Chau’s artwork. “Each one can take a few hours. It depends on the complexity of the subject, how delicate it is, if extra colors are involved, and so on. Carving something for the first time can take a little longer as I try to figure out the best way to approach it. I’ve made certain characters many times, so those because easier to do.”

His amazing artwork is available in Etsy store to purchase, and his latest work is updated ever so often in his Instagram account.

#1 Dogcrayon-art-projects

#2. Dogcrayon-art-projects

#3. Papa Smurfcrayon-art-projects

#4. Harry Pottercrayon-art-projects

#5. Childcrayon-art-projects

#6.Old Mancrayon-art-projects

#7. Starwarscrayon-art-projects

# 8. Big Bencrayon-art-projects

#9. Batmancrayon-art-projects

#10. Dariacrayon-art-projects

#11. Rock’em Sock’em Robotscrayon-art-projects

#12. Mummy, Fish-man, Frankenstein and Werewolfcrayon-art-projects

#13. Dog

#14. Snoopycrayon-art-projects

#15. Gizmocrayon-art-projects


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