A Tip of $50,000 And A Buick Left By Customer For A Waitress Service


In Brownsville, Texas at Luby’s, Salazar has been a waitress for 16 years. Throughout the years, she has served many individuals, however, nobody like Walter “Buck” Swords.

Salazar told reporters, “He was very mean. He would cuss at the girls. He was very mean.”

Swords, an 89-year-old WWII veteran, had been coming into the eatery for as far back as seven years. He was an impolite, mean, and requesting veteran whom nobody wanted to serve.

“He was kinda like mean to the girls,” said Salazar. “He wanted everything his way. He wanted his food very hot. He would burn himself.”

In any case, Salazar dependably served him with a smile, and people say she was the special case that could deal with all his dietary patterns and requesting ways.

Despite the fact that he was somewhat of a curmudgeon, Salazar went ahead to state, “I had patience and you know, I just took care of him.”

Amid the late spring, Swords quit going to the eatery. Salazar didn’t understand he had passed away until she discovered his name in the local obituaries.

A couple of days before Christmas, Salazar was given a tremendous surprise from Swords. He had left her $50,000 and a Buick in his will for amazing waitress service!

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