Wow! Amazing Talent of This Disabled Artist


When Henry went for a holiday in Portugal with his friends back in 2009, he ran into the sea, plunged into the surf and damaged his spinal cord leaving him unable to move his arms and legs.


His new life started that day. 

“Life’s here to be lived. I try, and would always encourage you to try, and get that voice in your head to talk about the things you can do… not the things you can’t.”

Henry Fraser is a gifted and talented disabled artist who paints with his mouth. Henry is also a motivational speaker. After being paralyzed from the shoulders down after dislocating his neck, Henry didn’t let that stop him from creating wonderful artwork. See some of Henry’s work below.

My latest mouth painting. The Gorilla. #painting #art #artist #gorilla #animal #face

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My completed mouth painting of Harry Potter. #painting #art #HarryPotter

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Working on my latest mouth painting. #art #painting

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