6 Effective Tips to Be More Trustworthy in a Relationship

Trust is the very foundation that a relationship needs for it to survive and plow through even the most difficult of times.

Without trust, it is impossible to sustain a long-term relationship. The absence of trust is among the key culprits behind broken relationships.

Having said this, how do you become trustworthy in a relationship?

1. Listen

It is an aspect that many people get wrong. When you listen, you allow others to express their views, opinion, and complaints without interruptions. It is very powerful when you listen properly compared to waiting for a gap in the speech so you can answer. Listen intently to every word and let yourself feel the emotions they are trying to express.

2. Support
Everyone needs a strong support system done in an uplifting and positive way. To be a trusted partner ready to support your partner, this doesn’t mean that you sit with them and gossip about others. This means that you have to be there ready to catch them whenever they fall. Give them the boost when they feel down and just simply be there to kick their back when they need this the most.

3. Encourage
Never be afraid of nudging your partner forward just so they will know they are awesome, worthy, and great. Urge them to be the best version of themselves and guide them towards taking bold steps to reach their dreams.

4. Truth
There will always be times when people need to hear the stark truth even if it is uncomfortable. You have to be the person your partner can expect to tell them the truth. Be someone they can turn to when they feel like hearing the truth about their choices or themselves. This is not easy all the time but the issue here is that people don’t do this enough since they are afraid they will hurt others’ feelings. Take note that this aspect of your relationship comes from a loving place and not a negative and judgmental space.

5. Communicate
Doesn’t everyone love communication? It is where most people tend to fail. Everything mentioned above all comes down to communication. Communication is not only about speaking your opinion. Instead, it is about continuing the dialogue, inspiring, being there, helping your partner smile and laugh, encouraging, offering feedback, and stimulating them emotionally and mentally so they will be more inclined to communicate more often with you.

6. Work for It
It requires work to have a loving relationship filled with trust. You have to work at your relationship each and every day. The most ideal place to begin this work is on yourself. You have to work on your personal skills and refrain from waiting around for your partner to become more reliable. Focus on yourself first. You see, this is something that needs energy. In fact, it takes lots of energy from yourself but it will all be worth it, particularly if it will lead to having loving relationships with everyone around you.

Do you think you have what it takes to be trustworthy in your relationship? Share your comments below.

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