5 Resolutions To Make Your Happiest Year Ever

For some, new year resolutions may sound buzzword, but experts say that writing your objectives and goals, planning an action, and honing self-affirmation can lead to resolutions success. With these recommendations try to make your this year your greatest year!


#1. Set Yourself For Success

Keep a positive determination and mentality. When you have a positive environment and steady conduct, the odds of achievement increases and the objective turns out to be much achievable. You are more likely to be in a positive state of mind if you discard negative thoughts and condition your brain to be positive in all situation.

#2. The Morning Ritual


The way we start our mornings is the way we’ll encounter our days—and life, says Kristi Ling, writer of the book Operation Happiness. “Start each day off with healthy habits and a positive outlook and you’ll notice a big difference in your overall level of happiness,” Ling says. She suggests beginning your day with inspiring read or listening to the motivational podcast. Adhering to a good diet, hydrating your body and 5 minutes of contemplation or 60 seconds profound breathing is an inspiring practice. “Positive mornings are part of the foundation for sustainable happiness,” says Ling.”Positive mornings are a piece of the establishment for economical satisfaction,” says Ling.

#3. Go Easier On Yourself

Keep a resolution that is kind and gentle. “We tend to be extremely hard on ourselves on so many levels, which can hold us back from experiencing all the happiness we deserve,” Ling says. “Make a habit of speaking about (and thinking about) yourself the way you’d speak to someone you respect and love dearly. It takes practice, but once you’ve got it down, you’ll notice a huge positive shift.” Are you a judgmental person?

#4. Take Out Time For Your Passion

What fuels your fire? What gets you excited? What makes your heart pound and flutter? Some of us are lucky that their passion encapsulates in their career and for others, it might not be infused into their work and the mind might crave for creativity and to make difference in the world. Finding your passion, igniting it, keeping it burning, and striking a balance is making your passion work for you. Make your passion your priority and find a time that works for you.

#5. Get Organized

Having less junk makes people happy, says Claire Tompkins, a professional organizer and “clutter coach” in Berkeley, California. “Less visual distraction is soothing to the eye and mind,” Tompkins says. “Fewer decorative items mean you can appreciate the ones you have more. Less stuff to manage, to look for, to move out of the way and to keep clean means you get more time for fun.” Declutter at least one item a day and do not be afraid to let it go. 

Written by Life is Positive Editorial Team

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