5 Foods That Can Help Lengthen Your Life


Stop looking in your medicine cabinet and start considering your pantry, in case you’re searching for the source of youth.


Our bodies are impacted by everything that we put in from the measure of our waistlines, the state of our souls, and yes-even to what degree we live.

Researchers have always been intrigued by the parts of life expectancy. They’ve thought local people of Okinawa, Japan who are known to age better and tend to live longer than most places on the earth. On the other hand, the people of the San Blas Islands who have oddly low rates of heart disease. What’s food got to do with that? In fact, a lot.

Around the globe, some of the top causes of death are chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes which you can reduce by watching your diet.

So here to celebrate your more birthdays and lengthen your life, we’ve rounded up some research-backed food to add to your daily eating regime.



Love it or hate it, these somewhat bitter berries are good for your long lives. When young fruit flies were given cranberries extract, the researcher found that they lived 25% longer than those who were not given cranberries extract. And the good news, the middle, and older fruit flies lived 30% more when the extract was given.


Those who consumed the second most popular beverage, green tea, several cups in a day were found to have reduced risks of cancer and heart disease.

#3. NUTS


A study done at Harvard University found people who snacked a handful of nuts every day were found to live longer, healthier and had lower chances of respiratory, cancer and heart disease.



An Ohio State University study revealed that Omega-3 rich fish like salmon slows down the aging process and preserves telomeres. Salmon is also an anti-inflammatory and help to reduce the symptoms of any disease or symptoms caused by inflammation.



Rich in polyphenols, blueberries have high antioxidant and can extend your life. One study found that polyphenols can reduce your death by 30 percent. It can also cut the risk of diabetes and cancer.


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