5 Amazing Places Your Parents Should Travel And Create Memories


As time goes by, you realize that all parents have one thing in common – they’re getting older. Which makes them all the more valuable.

And one way to show parents how important they are, why not take their dream trip?

Team up with siblings to chip in and plan for that breathtaking cruise that mom or dad could never afford – or ride away on a lower-cost road trip that will please the family and make the whole thing even more authentic.

However, what if you have an unimaginable problem – you don’t know where to take them (the horror!)?

Don’t sweat – Life is Positive has got you covered. Check out these five amazing places that will astound your parents and show them how important they really are.

These five amazing gift trips for parents are the best memories that they will cherish forever.

#1. Wonders of the Canadian Rockies

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An expensive but worthwhile spend, the train tours for the Rocky Mountaineer have luxurious sweeping views through panoramic windows.

Remember – a Rock Mountaineer trip is not just trained touring; explorations in nature, exquisite hotel stays, and one-of-a-kind landmarks are also included.

#2. European River Cruise

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River cruises like this slightly less expensive one – depending on the length of the cruise – are wildly popular with tourists who like grand comfort and a lot of personal attention along with the authentic scenery.

The cruise, close to shore, makes hopping on and off easy so passengers can easily catch all that’s in Budapest. Nestle close to shore, making hopping on and off easily – a plus for catching all that’s in Budapest

#3. Route 66 Road Trip

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Route 66 is a cheap, nostalgic road trip that anyone can take; a trip down America’s memory lane. And the great thing is that it’s less than one hour away from the Grand Canyon, another amazing bonus.

With old throwback towns, museum roadhouses and memorable dinners – this is sure one not-to-be-missed trip that you have to experience.

#4. Paddle-boat Cruise on Lower Mississippi

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Take a Mississippi cruise on two modern ships all dolled up like old-fashioned paddle-boats in this slow-mo ride. An inexpensive sail like this allows you time to look, really look, at your surroundings and how beautiful nature is around you.

Staterooms are cozy and comfortable, food is delicious and the ride includes a visit to a Louisiana sugar plantation and a solemn look at the beaten Civil War battlefield of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

#5. New Zealand

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Beautiful jagged mountains, stunning crystal clear lakes, and misty fjords all fill spectacular New Zealand – and you have a chance to see it. Locals are helpful, chatty and determined to make your stay memorable.

Glaciers, geothermal areas, and wine country are located all over the naturally pure country. Just one little twist to self-drive tours: New Zealand drives on the left. Don’t fret, because the roads are good, drivers are merciful (in other words, they won’t run you down and disobey the traffic rules), and anyway, traffic grows thin once you find yourself beyond Auckland.



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