4 Hidden Islands You Might Not Even Believe Exist After You See It

The world is beautiful. Beautiful, but dangerous. Take these islands. Some of them may pose danger, while a majority of them scream adventure and beauty yet to be explored.


If you are the type of person who lives for adventure, then these islands are made for you. However, if you’d rather prefer lounging in a hot tub, visiting spas and enjoying a glass of red wine – then there are definitely islands which are more suited to that type of needs.


These hidden island are unexplored, often too exclusive and too remote to be a traditional tourist destination. Take a look at these four intriguing islands, hidden from the world.

1. Lanzarote, West Africa

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2. Monuriki Island – Castaway Island, Fiji

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3. Pig Beach, Bahama

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4. Pitcairn Island, Pacific Ocean

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