3 Powerful Tips To Regaining Self-Esteem


As people go through this journey called life, they deal with different encounters that can damage or lessen their self-esteem. There are some who have no problems with handling these experiences. They got the confidence and courage to bounce back after a difficult situation.


On the other hand, there are those who are dealing with low self-esteem which makes them struggle with their lives.

There are many reasons why your self-confidence may go downhill. It can be because of being taunted or teased, a bad relationship, rejection from a sports team, being laid off at work, and so much more. But, as the saying goes

Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.― Lao Tzu

Here are some confidence building activities you can try for regaining self-esteem and nurturing a better version of yourself.

#1. Say No to Comparisons


When dealing with low self-esteem people, constantly comparing yourself to other people will make you feel worse. Remember that there are people who are better at this and that than others.

People have individual differences, and each has their weaknesses and strengths. Thus, there is nothing wrong if you are not as gifted or as skilled as others are. You will only feel more frustrated when you are the one pitting yourself against other people. When it comes to regaining self-esteem, it is best to focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

#2. Look at the Brighter Side of Things


Say, for instance, you lost your job. This will damage your confidence. However, bawling your eyes out will only make things worse. No person wants to lose his or her job, but for all you know, it could be a blessing in disguise.

Maybe you will finally get the much needed time to take a look at your life. Perhaps it is a way to point you towards a better career which is utterly in tune with your unique skills and abilities. On the other hand, a break-up is also painful, but there are times when it is actually for the best in the long run. If both parties are no longer happy with the relationship, it will be healthier to break apart and give each other space to breathe.

The key takeaway here is to stay positive no matter how bad the situation seems. Developing a positive attitude is one of the best confidence building activities you can ever try.

#3. Don’t Hold Yourself Back


As far as dealing with low self-esteem is concerned, there are times when you need to step outside your comfort zone and go with the flow.

Flexibility is always a must in this life. If you got laid off from work, think outside the box and see if your skills can be best applied in a more in-demand industry. Never assume that there is only one job for you because that is what you have been doing all your life. You can always learn new skills, and once you do so, regaining self-esteem in yourself will also be more comfortable.

These are only a few tips for you to regain the confidence you’ve lost along the way. Commit to them, and sooner or later, you will no longer be dealing with low self-esteem.

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