22 Life Hacks You Need To Know To Make Your Life Better

Amazing tips and tricks you can use.

Frankly – quite a bit of what we know or do (other than iPhone hacks) has been passed down from era to era. Everything from how to light a fire to how to turn up a kayak or something apparently pointless like how to flee from a puppy – we know these on the grounds that people before us (the sort who chased, accumulated and did different things with their lives than a tweet) have let us know this.

The disaster was these hacks weren’t all in a similar place – till right at this point. The New York Public Library as of late digitized its ‘How To Do It’ cards gathering – and inside are pearls and life hacks that have outlasted your grandparents and mine.

The gathering was initially made by a British cigarette brand Gallaher’s which began embedding solidifying cards in cigarette packs to make them sturdier. These cards then turned out to be popular to the point that the brand began a whole ‘How To Do It’ Series which went ahead to end up a collectible. Here’s our 22 pick of the rundown:

#1. How To Test Butter

#2. How To Separate Glass Tumbler

#3. How To Take Ink Stains Out of Handkerchief

#4. How To Remove A Tight Ring From Finger

#5. How To Stop A Run Away Horse

#6. How To Adjust A Door

#7. How To Make Water Fountain For Chicks

#8. How To Revive Cut Flowers

#9. How To Bandage For Foot

#10. How To Increase Lung Power

#11. How To Light A Fire Without Wood

#12. How To Swat That Fly

#13. How To Treat Bite of Animal

#14. How To Treat Sprains

#15. How To Make A Fire Extinguisher

#16. How To Hint When Boiling Potatoes

#17. How To Measure With Coins

#18. How To Detect Escaping Gas

#19. How To Cool Wine Without Ice

#20. How To Preserve Valuable Vases

#21. How To Make A Simple Gate Latch

#22. How To Remove Sea Stains From Brown Shoes

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