16 Gut-Cleansing Foods To Add To Your Diet


A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body.


Unfortunately, many of us feel less than vibrant and vital and struggle with digestive issues or food sensitivities and a tendency to catch every cold that passes us by.

Interestingly about 70% of the cells that make up our immune system are on the wall of our gut. Yet a sluggish digestion, poor diet, stress (a big troublemaker!), environmental toxins and food toxins can really take its toll.

That’s when it’s time to clean up your act and lighten the load on your system. Making sure to include some gut-cleansing herbs to your diet along with the following gut-cleansing foods can really help boost the cleaning of the gut.

The hope is that all this will indeed flush the colon of any toxic build-up, help you lose weight, improve digestive function and re-energize you.


Written by Life is Positive Editorial Team

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